Family & Nursing Care COVID-19 Vaccine Statement2020-12-18T16:10:50-05:00

Family & Nursing Care COVID-19 Vaccine Statement

Last updated: 12/18/2020

Family & Nursing Care has been following with vested interest the unfolding news regarding the efficacy, approval, and distribution strategy of the first COVID-19 vaccines receiving FDA Emergency Use Authorization approval.

As it has been throughout the pandemic, our main focus and concern is for the safety, health, and well-being of clients, Caregivers, and staff. We realize the critical importance of Caregivers getting inoculated against COVID-19 as soon as is possible, so that they may continue working with clients in a safe environment for all.

At this time, there are no clear answers as to the timing of vaccine distribution for Caregivers, which will be decided by state governments. However, we are putting forth all our effort as a company, including utilizing our network of professional affiliations in the home care industry, to advocate for and ensure Caregivers are near the top of the vaccine distribution strategy.