Caregiver Task Sheet

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To review the Caregiver task sheet with a Family & Nursing Care staff member or to learn more about our home care services, call 800-588-0517 or email us.

Personal Care
  • Bed bath/Sponge bath
  • Tub/Shower
  • Shampoo hair
  • Brush/Comb hair
  • Brushing teeth
  • Shave
  • Apply makeup
  • Nail care/Clean and file
  • Skin care/Non-medicated lotion to dry areas
  • Assist with getting dressed
  • Vital signs
  • Medication reminder (After medicines are set up/dispensed by an RN or family member)
  • Prepare meals/Snacks
  • Assist feeding
  • Feeding
  • Encourage fluids
  • Restrict fluids
  • Take for walk
  • Shopping/Errands
  • Accompany to appointments
  • Provide transportation
    **Caregiver is customarily reimbursed at current IRS rate


  • Assist to bathroom
  • Assist to bedside commode
  • Assist urinal/Bedpan
  • Incontinence care
  • Empty colostomy/Catheter bag
    **Board of Nursing regulations preclude caregivers from assisting with any other elements of colostomy or catheter care.
  • Assist with walking (ambulatory)
  • Turn position in bed (bedridden)
  • Transfer/Bed/Chair (wheelchair)
  • Assist with home exercises
  • Range of motion exercises
Support Services
  • Client’s laundry
  • Clean kitchen-Dishes
  • Take out trash
  • Maintain bathroom cleanliness
  • Maintain bedroom/Vacuum/Dust
  • Oxygen turned on/Off only
  • Maintain living area/Vacuum/Dust
  • Make bed/Change bed linens
Download Caregiver Task Sheet