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Client Stories

Our clients are businessmen and women, homemakers, doctors, lawyers, stay-at-home moms, teachers, administrative assistants, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, great-grandmothers, and great-grandfathers. They are beautiful individuals who continue to live full and meaningful lives with Family & Nursing Care’s home care services. We have helped clients and their families solve a variety of problems and overcome multiple challenges to achieve peace—and peace of mind. Perhaps you’ll see yourself or someone you know in one of these stories. If so, we are waiting to help you.

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The following home care stories come from real situations where Family & Nursing Care has made a difference.

Dedications & Details

Lisa’s mother, Sue, worked until she was 82 years old as an architectural historian. Fiercely independent and highly intelligent, Sue’s life forever changed in 2014 after having knee surgery. Read more.

Flexibility to Address Changing Needs

Pam* knew she needed help caring for her husband.
“After almost a decade of battling a variety of cancers and health issues, my husband, Ron, had become physically and mentally impaired,” Pam shared. “I was his primary Caregiver until I realized I couldn’t do it myself anymore. My strength was dwindling, and I felt I wasn’t able to provide him what he truly needed.” Read more.

Meeting You Right Where You Are

What do you do when your mother has dementia, your father has diabetes and heart issues, and everyone in your family is a full time professional? This is exactly the challenging scenario Patrice and her family faced. Read more.

Above-and-Beyond Insurance Assistance

Nathaniel already had a lot on his plate.

Then his wife was diagnosed with dementia, and as time went on, his ability to care for her became increasingly difficult. On top of that, he had recently been diagnosed with a disease that required lengthy treatments.

“I went to several support groups and talked with multiple social workers who recommended a few home care companies,” said Nathaniel. “I wanted excellent care for my wife, and I also wanted care that I could afford.” Read more.

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