Caregiver Spotlight – Mariatu Kamara

A Client’s Daughter Shares her Appreciation

In keeping with our guiding value to appreciate that Caregivers are the backbone of our company, during each weekly staff meeting, Family & Nursing Care staff share letters of appreciation we receive. We recently shared this special letter that we received from a client’s daughter to her mother’s Caregiver – Mariatu Kamara, and we wanted to share it with all of you as well.  Thank you Mariatu for being such a shining example of what it means to be a Caregiver.

In the last year of my mother’s Independent Living experience, your care made all the difference. You came daily, organized what had to be done, and gave us regular updates. You monitored my mom’s medications, took her to medical appointments, made sure she received COVID vaccinations, and kept her in good health. In addition, you made sure she was washed, dressed, and fed. Since she had no ability to make judgments, you cleaned her refrigerator, did her wash and kept me informed about what she needed. It was above and beyond what was expected. You even helped with the cat. 

Your care, kindness and intelligence make you a unique caregiver.  You did wait to be told what to do. You identified what needed to be done and then called me to include me in decisions. Together we gave my mother much more time in Independent Living than she would have had without your care. She relied on you, depended on your common sense, and knew that you would include cookies on the shopping list — and that proved you knew her very well.

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