Partnering to Enhance the Quality of Life for Older Adults

Family & Nursing Care forges meaningful relationships and builds strategic partnerships with other healthcare providers dedicated to the highest quality of care for older adults.

The details of these partnerships vary, but they have one commonality—enhancing the quality of life for older adults.

What would a trusted home care resource mean for you and your patients, residents, or clients?

What would a trusted home care resource mean for you and your patients, residents, or clients?

  • The exact right match of people and services for the specific situation
  • Easier and safer transitions between levels of care
  • Your crisis is solved quickly and thoughtfully
  • Peace of mind, knowing the situation is under control

If your organization would like to partner with us, contact Mitch Markowitz, Vice President, Business Development, at 301-588-8200 or

About Our Professional Partnerships

Family & Nursing Care maintains several partnerships with area hospitals and rehabilitation centers as their go-to-referral source. We offer several custom programs such as our Safe at Home assessment and our Transition Programs. For many, we are like an extension of their staff, helping with discharge planning by providing information and resources to help prevent hospital readmissions.

Caregivers are well-equipped to care for older adults following a hospitalization or rehabilitation and  take extra precautions with these clients during this delicate time.

“MedStar’s partnership with Family & Nursing Care ensures that the patients leaving our hospital receive the same premium level of service they experienced while in the hospital. They meet with many of our patients and their families here to discuss their needs and ensure a smooth transition home. Their circle of care is a continuation of ours.”

— T.J. Senker, President, MedStar Montgomery Medical Center

We partner with many Senior Living Communities as their preferred resource for home care services when their residents are in need of one-on-one care. In some communities, a Family Nursing & Care Select nurse and social worker help to staff their clinic. These partnerships with area Senior Living Communities provide a value-add for their residents and helps these communities maintain a significant competitive advantage in ensuring residents have everything they need to remain comfortable and safe in their community.

Solutions we’ve created with/for our Senior Living Community partners include:

  • Reduced move-outs to higher levels of care (for non–Continuing Care Retirement Community partners)
  • Assistance in transitioning residents from one level of care to another (Continuing Care Retirement Communities)
  • Reduction in hospital readmissions
  • Increased access to healthcare resources
  • Basic first aid programs for Independent Living residents, reducing the need for ER and emergency physician visits
  • Increased referrals to the Community as we identify potential residents currently living at home
  • Give professional staff much greater control/checks and balances over the professional one-on-one caregiving in their community, and increased efficiency in ensuring community policies are met.

Family & Nursing Care provides professionals with a dedicated Client Services Manager (CSM) who has a high level of training to serve as a liaison to families, professionals, and clients every step of the way. Just like with the Caregivers, we painstakingly screen and interview so many people before we hire our CSMs to find those with an inherent can-do, positive, we-are-here-for-you-no-matter-what, type of attitude and personality.

The value of the CSM to Senior Living Communities and hospitals includes:

  • Understanding your challenges and reliably acting as an extension of your team
  • Dedication to supporting current and ongoing client and family needs
    • Visits to clients/residents in the hospital and help with a smooth transition home; let community staff know when a resident is being discharged
    • Visits to residents in their residences
      • Taking the time to listen and get to know a client personally; by building a close relationship, the CSM better understands the specific situation and family dynamics
    • Maintain ongoing communication with client/resident, community staff, and outside professionals involved to keep everyone on the same page

In addition, often our clients choose to age somewhere other than their private home, and Family & Nursing Care is here to assist with the transition to Senior Living Communities. We know the executive directors and healthcare professionals who run the Senior Living Communities in our area. Our Client Services Managers often talk through the options with our clients/family members to assist them with making a decision of whether to stay at home or move to a Senior Living Community.

We are innovative and flexible and are always looking for new ways to partner with those in our industry that share our vision.