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Answering a Need

The number of Americans ages 65 and older is projected to more than double from 46 million to over 98 million by 2060, and the 65-and-older age group’s share of the total population will rise to nearly 24% from 15% (Population Reference Bureau).

Specifically, the number of older Marylanders is increasing. People over the age of 60 will comprise 26% of Maryland’s projected population of 6.7 million by the year 2030 (

More older adults means an increase in the challenges older adults face—challenges like an insufficient fixed income that does not allow for the kind of care they deserve… even when all that is needed is a few hours of home care per week. In fact, according to AARP, nearly 90% of people over age 65 indicate they want to stay in their homes as long as possible, and four out of five in that age bracket believe their current home is where they will always live.

Simultaneously, there is a shortage of professionals to care for this aging population. Topping the list of occupations expected to grow between 2012 and 2022 are personal care aides, in the No. 1 slot (580,800 new positions); home health aides, No. 4 (424,200 jobs); and nursing assistants, No. 6 (312,200 jobs). Put all three numbers together and you have this eye-opener: More than 1.3 million new paid Caregivers will be needed to meet demand over the next decade (New York Times).

Enter the Family & Nursing Care Foundation, established by Family & Nursing Care’s founder Sandy Kursban. A fund of the Greater Washington Community Foundation, the Foundation was created in 2008 with the goal of supporting older adults in two very important ways:

  • Awarding grants to community partners to help lower-income older adults gain access to the care they need to remain in their homes.
  • Providing scholarships for students to earn a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certificate in order to care for the aging population.

“This is what my life, both personal and professional, is all about. When I founded Family & Nursing Care in 1968, my dream was to provide older adults and their families with peace of mind by offering them competent, devoted home care whenever it was needed. With the work of the Foundation, this care can extend to more people than ever before.”

–Sandy Kursban

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