Congratulations Sandy Kursban!

Congratulations Sandy Kursban!

Family & Nursing Care’s Founder/Chairman was a"Bravo! Woman Business Achievement Award Winner".

Bravo Question: Describe your first entrepreneurial experience that helped get you to where you are now in your career.

"While formal entrepreneurial experience, prior to my founding of Family & Nursing Care, Inc. would certainly have been helpful, it was other life experiences that paved the way for me. It wasn’t until well into early adulthood that I decided to run a business that would provide assistance for seniors in their own homes. Prior to that time, I knew only that I wanted my life to be about service and helping other people."

"Post-college I spent four heart-filled years working as a caseworker with a focus on foster children. After having two of my three children, I became quite active in the community serving as President of the Organization for Rehabilitation and Training. A member of my family, noting my leadership skills, encouraged me to think about running my own company. I had long felt a fondness for older adults, having lived next door to my grandparents for most of my childhood years. I decided to adopt my family’s suggestion, and I began a nurses registry whose mission is guided by a vision of service to the senior population. The rest is a wonderful and fulfilling history, which has extended over the past 40 years."


Bravo Question: In growing your company, explain how you maintain a work and life balance.

"Family first." From the beginnings of my company to the present day, this has been a guiding principle for me. Yet, in an important sense, I do not separate my business and my family. I think of my company as my “fourth child” (after my three living, breathing human ones!). My days begin with plans of going to the office or to meetings, but if something happens with a family member requiring my help, the needs of my family have priority. My family, on the other hand, understands that my nurses registry is also a high priority for me. They know how important I feel it is to help those who need assistance. I pour my heart into my business, just as I pour my heart into my family. A most beautiful aspect of owning my own company is that I’ve had the pleasure of each of my grown children working with me at some point over the years. In fact, my son is the current President of the company, and my title is Founder/Chairman. Additionally, I’ve deeply appreciated my ever-supportive husband being my "informal consultant."

"Each morning I attend to my own personal health. I exercise faithfully, and I meditate in order to start the day upbeat and happy. On vacations, my husband supports me and encourages me around doing minimal business work, focusing instead on thoroughly enjoying our time away. Life is good."

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