Hospice and Palliative Home-Based Care

Caring for a loved one in hospice or receiving palliative care is physically, psychologically, and emotionally demanding1. There often aren’t enough hours in the day to tend to all of their needs, let alone spend time with other important people in your life and tend to your own needs. That’s why when a loved one requires end-of-life care, the benefits of in-home care extend beyond the client.

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Caregivers provide essential support to clients in hospice and/or receiving palliative care including running errands, preparing meals, assistance with home activities, and much more. As a family member or friend of a client, this extra help allows you to spend your final days together as your loved one’s companion rather than as a caretaker. During this difficult time, all benefit from compassionate support.

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1Care for the Caregiver, Montgomery Hospice