Home Care Services for Elderly Adults with Pneumonia

The hospital readmission rates for pneumonia patients are staggering: 18.5% of pneumonia patients1 will return to the hospital within 30 days. The good news is, by addressing the main reasons that patients are readmitted to the hospital, Family & Nursing Care helps keep your loved one safe and at home.

For additional information regarding our home care services for elderly pneumonia patients in Washington, D.C. and Maryland, contact Family & Nursing Care online or call 800-588-0517.

Our specially trained Family & Nursing Care Select Caregivers work closely with our clinical nurses to identify red flags related to nutrition, medical oversight, and mobility, and take appropriate action should a problem arise.

How Our Caregivers Provide Special Care for Pneumonia Patients

  • Prepare meals for the client in accordance with a meal plan set by a doctor, home health nurse, or nutritionist (e.g. low sodium, low cholesterol, low fat, vegetarian, or vegan)
  • Monitor patient’s vital signs
  • Assists with coughing/deep breathing techniques and/or use of spirometer
  • Assists with O2 as prescribed, if being used
  • Take clients to and from follow up doctor visits

Our Caregivers and clients always have access to one of Family & Nursing Care Select’s nurses to discuss any red flag symptoms or changes in condition to address a problem before it becomes an emergency.

Learn more about Family & Nursing Care Classic and Family & Nursing Care Select models of care.

For more information on our pneumonia home care services, contact Family & Nursing Care online or call 800-588-0517.

1Diagnosis-specific readmission risk prediction using electronic health data: a retrospective cohort study, US National Library of Medicine