Family & Nursing Care Awarded with the 2022 NBRI Circle of Excellence Award

NBRI Circle of Excellence SealFamily & Nursing Care is thrilled to have been recognized with the National Business Research Institute’s (NBRI) Circle of Excellence Award for the seventh consecutive year. This prestigious award recognizes outstanding achievements in Customer, Staff, and Caregiver Satisfaction based on data gathered from 2021 annual surveys of Caregivers, staff, and clients.

The data collected from the survey helps our team understand the experiences of our clients and their Caregivers and allows us to identify areas of excellence, in addition to opportunities for growth and improvement. With a focus on delivering the best client, Caregiver, and staff experience, this validation is meaningful to Family & Nursing Care, and we are proud to share:

  • Caregivers categorized all 10 topics addressed in the survey as strengths, with Technology and Benefits & Compensation seeing a significant increase in satisfaction over the 2020 survey results. Additionally, 94% of respondents answered that “Overall, I like being a caregiver with Family & Nursing Care.”
  • This year, we added an office staff survey gauging 14 different areas. Our office staff identified all 14 areas as strengths, with Values & Vison and Supervision performing at a best-in-class level of 90% or above satisfaction rating.
  • Clients expressed 94% satisfaction with the initial intake process, and 96% of respondents answered that they would recommend Family & Nursing Care to a friend or family member.

Family & Nursing Care embraces the best practice of continually assessing customer and worker experiences (including staff and Caregivers for Family & Nursing Care) and targeting the variables that drive these experiences to provide Family & Nursing Care with the keen insight and actions necessary for the continuous improvement of client, staff, and Caregiver thinking, behavior, and experience.

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