Flexibility to Address Changing Needs

We understand that life is unpredictable and your situation could change from day-to-day. Perhaps your spouse has recently passed away and you suddenly need more assistance remaining independent. Or maybe you have just transitioned home from the hospital and need around-the-clock care just for a few weeks while you recover. Regardless of where life takes you, Family & Nursing Care will remain by your side. The following story exhibits our dedication to our clients and is a great reminder that you are never alone.

Pam* knew she needed help caring for her husband Ron.

“After almost a decade of battling a variety of cancers and health issues, my husband, Ron, had become physically and mentally impaired,” Pam shared. “I was his primary Caregiver until I realized I couldn’t do it myself anymore. My strength was dwindling, and I felt I wasn’t able to provide him what he truly needed.”

Pam, an RN herself, did her research. After reaching out to her network of friends and colleagues, she received a solid recommendation to Family & Nursing Care from women in her crochet group—friends she had known for years, some of whom had also previously received home care from Caregivers referred by Family & Nursing Care.

For more than a year, the Caregivers came for just four hours a day, twice a week, to help Ron get out of the house, exercise, and provide conversation and companionship.

“They would drive to the mall, walk around,?and then get a cup of coffee and lunch and talk sports—especially baseball. These were all his favorite things that had been lost to him until the Caregivers started coming,” said Pam. “I was especially pleased that the Caregivers knew how to engage and talk to someone with cognitive limitations. That is a definite skill.”

In addition to helping Ron, the Caregivers also provided Pam some relief by doing laundry and putting together some meals, allowing her time for respite and self-care.

Family & Nursing Care worked with Pam to find caregivers to meet all of her needs. “They were responsive and accommodating; the Caregivers were pleasant, highly-skilled, and just exceptional,” she said.

One weekend, Pam fell and was admitted to the hospital. All of a sudden, the couple’s needs changed drastically.

“This unexpected emergency left us panicked. Without someone reinforcing his usual routine, Ron would become confused and forget things like taking his medications, eating, and letting out the dogs,” she recalled. “Amanda, our Client Services Manager at Family & Nursing Care, was able to quickly refer additional Caregivers to give Ron 24-hour support until I could resume my responsibilities.”

When Pam was discharged from the hospital several days later, she was still weak and tired, so the Caregivers began providing care for both Pam and her husband. When Pam regained her strength and health, they changed their schedule back to what it had been before the crisis hit.

“I was very impressed with how Family & Nursing Care’s client services helped us seamlessly change our care situation as our needs shifted.”

In August of 2016, Ron went into hospice care. Again, Pam’s first thought was to call Family & Nursing Care.

“Even though it was Friday after 5pm, I knew I could call and speak with a real person who helped me find a caregiver to be at dad’s house the next morning,” said Sarah, Ron’s daughter. “The daytime Caregiver both anticipated needs and took direction, quietly and diligently doing his work—cleaning my dad’s mouth, turning him, bringing my step-mother tea. The night caregiver was equally amazing—providing a sense of calm and giving my step-mother, me, and my father unending support.”

Ron passed away, quietly and with dignity, a few days later.

“The unparalleled hands-on and emotional support from Family & Nursing Care and the exceptional care from the Caregivers made?a world of difference,” said Pam. “I cannot recommend them highly enough. From their responsiveness and flexibility to the high quality, sincerity, and enthusiasm of the Caregivers, they helped me and my family navigate this difficult journey with empathy and respect.”

*Names have been changed at the request of the client.

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