Specialized In-Home Health Care for Cancer Patients

Advances in cancer treatment and changes in health care systems have led to shorter hospital stays. Still, cancer patients often require specialized care assistance as they undergo chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Caregivers provide temporary and ongoing care so that your loved one remains safe and comfortable at home.

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The benefits of cancer patient home care is not new.

In a 1989 study1McCorkle et al carried out a randomized clinical trial to determine the effects of home nursing care versus usual office care for 166 patients with progressive lung cancer. Although there were no differences in pain, significant differences in symptom distress, enforced social dependency, and health perceptions were reported. These results suggest that home care assists patients with preventing unnecessary distress from symptoms and maintaining their independence longer.

From assisting with daily activities and housekeeping to ensuring support during nausea, anemia, pain, infection, and other complications, cancer caregivers and home care mitigates stress and makes clients as comfortable as possible.

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The Effects of Home Nursing Care for Patients During Terminal Illness on the Bereaved’ s Psychological Distress, U.S. National Library of Medicine