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Client Services Management

Client Services Manager Kelly Salb cares deeply for clients.

“She (Kelly) exceeded all of our expectations of your services by coordinating, communicating with, and advising us and our CNAs in an effective, informative, and timely manner.”

– Jonathan W. and Madelyn A., client’s children

It is both challenging and emotionally draining to find exceptional care. It’s difficult to do it alone—and with our Client Services Managers, you won’t have to.

Family & Nursing Care provides clients with a dedicated Client Services Manager, who will be the primary point of contact for all your home care needs, both practical and emotional.

For additional information regarding Family & Nursing Care and our home care services call 800-588-0517 or email us.

Your Client Services Manager (CSM):

  • Has a high level of training to serve as a liaison to families, professionals, and clients every step of the way; we’ll stick by your side to make sure what needs to get done does.
  • Visits clients in the hospital and helps with a smooth transition home; it’s so nice to see a friendly face.
  • Makes personal visits in the comfort of your home; a cup of tea and a warm blanket go a long way.
  • Takes the time to listen and get to know your personality and needs; by building a close relationship, the CSM better understands your specific situation.
  • Maintains ongoing communication with you, your family, and any professionals involved to make sure we exceed your expectations.
  • Facilitates additional resources to guide you through the challenges you may face as your needs change.
  • Is ready to talk to you about schedule changes, concerns, compliments, questions…whatever you need.

“Amanda, my Client Services Manager, not only asked about my mom’s physical condition, but also about her personality, and her likes and dislikes. Amanda made me feel like my mom was a unique person, and not just a nameless, faceless client.”

– Lisa K., adult daughter

Behind the Scenes

It is important to us that both clients and Caregivers receive the same premium level of service and dedication. This sets the home care experience up for success.

While the Caregiver Services Department focuses on recruiting the best Caregivers and serving as a resource for them, we also have Care Coordinating Managers (CCMs) who get to know the Caregivers’ skills and personalities intimately—enabling the CCMs to collaborate effectively with the Client Services Managers to make that perfect client/Caregiver match. After finding the most qualified Caregivers, the most important thing we do is make the right match between the client and the Caregiver. Placing a Caregiver into a home only to find that there is a bad fit based on need or personality can be a disaster. We feel we are THE best in the industry at making that right match, a skill that only comes with so many decades of experience.

Home care is emotional for both families and the Caregivers helping the families—our CCMs provide exceptional support for the Caregivers the same terrific way the CSMs provide it for you.

Our Client Services Management system is only one of the ways Family & Nursing Care is redefining the home care industry. Here are the other ways we are different.