What is Family & Nursing Care Classic?

What is Family & Nursing Care Classic?

Family & Nursing Care Classic is a Caregiver Registry that provides access to care from rigorously-screened, experienced, and highly-qualified Caregivers (Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and Home Health Aides (HHAs)). In this consumer-directed model of care delivery, the Caregivers are independent contractors who receive referrals from Family & Nursing Care Classic to work with clients in need of home care.

How Family & Nursing Care Classic Works

Family & Nursing Care Classic’s Intake Specialists will gather information from you about all of your needs and refer Caregivers qualified to meet those needs. Under this consumer-directed model of care, clients and their families have active involvement in all aspects of their home care, from customizing the details of their care, selecting their Caregiver(s), and more control over determining the cost of care.

We will match you with the Caregivers we believe best meet your expressed needs. If you like, you may interview the Caregivers we have carefully matched for you before your care begins to make the final decision. While we will advise you about the market rate, you have the right to negotiate a different rate with the Caregiver. Many clients choose to show Caregivers their appreciation for exceptional care by compensating them at a higher rate.

Registry Caregivers are not employees of Family & Nursing Care Classic, and, by law, we cannot supervise their work. To participate in the registry, each Caregiver is licensed, bonded, and covered by their own personal Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) policy. Operating since 1968, the registry service was Family & Nursing Care’s original business model.

Family & Nursing Care Classic is licensed as a Nursing Referral Service Agency by the Maryland Department of Health, Office of Health Care Quality, MD NRSA License 070605. Family & Nursing Care Classic is licensed in Washington, DC by the Department of Licensing and Consumer Protection, License 400313903182.

  • The Family & Nursing Care Classic service is a lower cost option (typically $3-$7 lower) than the Family & Nursing Care Select service with employee Caregivers and is most frequently chosen by families who are more actively engaged in their loved one’s care.
  • Family & Nursing Care Classic refers Caregivers who provide a helping hand with basic needs such as personal care, mobility assistance, companionship, and more. For those interested in a tailored plan of care developed by a nurse, we have the Family & Nursing Care Select model.
  • Family & Nursing Care Classic offers a secure, online payment service to pay the Caregiver(s) and to pay our registry fee.
  • Rather than leaving it up to you to determine whether an independent contractor is qualified or not, Family & Nursing Care Classic conducts a rigorous 5-step screening process including background checks, credit checks, and client references of Caregivers before they are referred to you.

Family & Nursing Care offers two home care service options—Family & Nursing Care Classic and Family & Nursing Care Select. In both service options, our screening process for Caregivers is one of the most rigorous in the industry.

We are here to help you. Please contact us and we can walk you through your options.

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