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Executive Leadership Team

Meet the knowledgeable and passionate staff at Family & Nursing Care who are dedicated to continuing our legacy as one of the top resources for progressive and reliable home care.

To learn about our at-home support services in Washington, D.C. and Silver Spring, Maryland, call 800-588-0517 or email us.


  • Sandy Kursban
    Sandy Kursban
    Owner, Founder, Family & Nursing Care and Founder/Chair, Family & Nursing Care Foundation
  • Neal Kursban
    Neal Kursban
    Owner, Chief Executive Officer
  • Jeff Zukerman
    Jeff Zukerman
  • Nancy Bilotto
    Nancy Bilotto
    Vice President, Human Resources
  • Kira Ebanks
    Kira Ebanks
    Vice President, Finance
  • Mindy Kursban Kwiatkowski
    Mindy Kursban Kwiatkowski
    Vice President, General Counsel
  • Mitch Markowitz
    Mitch Markowitz
    Vice President, Business Development
  • Sherry Peach-Walker
    Sherry Peach-Walker
    Vice President, Client Services
  • Jennifer Sussman
    Jennifer Sussman
    Vice President, Caregiver Services


  • Amanda Angst
    Amanda Angst
    Director, Finance
  • Delores Arnold
    Delores Arnold
    Director, Caregiver Services
  • Allison Bates
    Allison Bates
    Director, Care Coordinating, Select
  • Jeff Briggs
    Jeff Briggs
    Director, Intake
  • Risa Margulies
    Risa Margulies
    Director, Communications & Marketing
  • Kelly Salb
    Kelly Salb
    Director, Client Services
  • Lisa Shepet, RN
    Lisa Shepet, RN
    Director of Nursing, Select
  • Kelly Ann Sharp
    Kelly Ann Sharp
    Director, Client Services
  • Amanda Williams
    Amanda Williams
    Director, Care Coordinating, Classic