Caregiver Spotlight: Berhan Habtu

If we could describe Berhan Habtu in one word, it would be happiness. Since joining the Family & Nursing Care Select team in 2022, she has brought such a joyful and lightheartedness to her role as a Caregiver, which positively impacts each client she cares for and leaves them smiling nearly every day.

Berhan sets out with many goals each day, but there is always one single priority – leaving the client comfortable and happy. In fact, she won’t head out for the day without knowing they are in a good place. This in turn inspires her to remain diligent with a selfless attitude and keeps her light shining bright.

One of Berhan’s favorite parts of her job is not only getting to know the clients, but for them to get to know her on a deeper level too. While some clients may be facing difficult circumstances, she believes that when clients learn more about her own background, it can help them feel more comfortable and create a calmer environment. Some of her favorite memories with clients include recounting stories about each other’s families.

Maintaining her positive and uplifting approach towards clients takes a lot of energy and, to keep herself going, Berhan thinks it’s important to start every day on the right foot. She knows how much her clients rely on her and how important it is to keep herself healthy and balanced, so she always makes time for the things she enjoys most, such as relaxing with her husband and family, and keeping herself busy and active outside of work.



Caregiver Spotlight: Tersit Gossaye

Meet Tersit Gossaye, a dedicated Caregiver whose passion for helping others has been evident since her childhood. From an early age, Tersit felt a calling toward caregiving, inspired by her instinctual inclination to assist her mother and family members. Today, five years into her journey as a Caregiver receiving referrals from Family & Nursing Care Classic, Tersit sees pieces of her loved ones in everyone for she cares for.

Tersit approaches her work with unwavering passion and empathy . She believes that to excel as a Caregiver, she must put herself in her clients’ shoes and share in their happiness or sadness to help them live better and more comfortable lives. For Tersit, being an exceptional caregiver is not just a job; it’s a source of tremendous fulfillment, providing her with the opportunity to make a positive iimpact on the lives of others.

A favorite part of Tersit’s caregiving journey is her dedication to clients with Alzheimer’s disease, a challenge she embraces. Despite the difficulties, Tersit finds fulfillment in creating peaceful and happy environments for her clients. When faced with a difficult situation, Tersit prides herself on being creative, as exemplified by her thoughtful reorganization of a long-time client’s room, bringing immense joy and comfort to someone struggling with emotional control due to the disease.

Describing the best version of herself, Tersit says it’s someone who is healthy, stress-free, with a clear mind and good faith. In order to show up as that version, Tersit maintains a balanced routine outside of her caregiving job that helps keep her grounded, including exercising, cooking healthy meals, reading, attending church, and fostering strong relationships with the people in her life. Tersit’s commitment to her own well-being ensures she can consistently provide the best care to those who depend on her.