See How our Caregiver Screening Process Sets Us Apart

Our top priority is to ensure that every Caregiver we work with is the best of the best. After all, home care is about trust; you are letting someone into your household to take care of your loved one—often in personal ways—and that is no easy feat. You want to feel safe and secure in your choice. The Caregiver should be someone who you would trust with your loved one as much as you would trust yourself.

Ensuring such dependability goes beyond the Caregivers’ skills, to who they are as human beings. That’s why every Caregiver who Family & Nursing Care employs or refers to must share our values of respect and love for aging adults, and they must be compassionate, reliable, and trustworthy.

You may be wondering how we can be certain that every Caregiver embodies these qualities and required skillsets. The answer: after nearly half a century of providing home care services, we’ve created a system through which only the very best Caregivers are selected.

Here’s how it works:

The phone screening.

During this intial conversation, we let the Caregivers know that we will verify that they meet our minimum requirements with the appropriate documentation.  These include:

  • Two years’ hands-on experience within the last three years
  • Certification: MD State CNA/GNA and/or DC HHA
  • Complete work history from the last five years
  • Proof of eligibility to work in the United States
  • Government-issued picture ID
  • Social Security card
  • Current TB Clearance and Hepatitis B screening
  • CPR certification

In addition, the phone screening helps us evaluate the communication skills of the Caregiver. Only 8% of applicants make it past this point to be invited into the office to fill out an application.

The application.

The candidates who make it past the phone screening are then invited to fill out the application. We evaluate how the Caregiver portrays themself and their answers on the application to establish if the Caregiver displays our high standards for professionalism and compassion. If the applicant passes this stage, they move onto the computerized competency exam.

The computer competency exam.

We work with a third-party testing agency to ensure a fair evaluation of Caregivers through this test. We want every family who chooses Family & Nursing Care to know that they are receiving care from only the most knowledgeable and competent caregivers in the area.

The background check.

Family & Nursing Care’s thorough background check includes a criminal background check, credit history check, Board of Nursing check for any possible disciplinary actions, social security verification, and a motor vehicle records check. We also conduct a reference check with every employer the caregiver has had during the past five years.

The Face-to-Face Interview.

Those who pass the above requirements then move on to a face-to-face interview, which is conducted virtually over Zoom with one of our recruiters. We ask many questions during the comprehensive interview, yet perhaps the most important question is the one we ask ourselves: “Would I trust this person with my loved one?” It’s a powerful question that helps us keep clients’ best interests top of mind.

Getting Acquainted.

At the end of the process, it is the top 8% of applicants who are asked to move on to the next stage and attend a special meeting to better understand how we will work together, and about Family & Nursing Care’s commitment to serve, help, and enhance the quality of life and well-being of others.

Ongoing Support.

We have an entire Caregiver Services Department to serve as a resource for Caregivers. It is vitally important to us that those who provide care for our clients are well cared for by us.

Here to Make Things Easy: Understanding the Client Services Manager’s Role

“She (Client Services Manager Kelly) exceeded all of our expectations of your services by coordinating, communicating with, and advising us and our CNAs in an effective, informative, and timely manner.”
– Jonathan W. and Madelyn A., client’s children

It is both challenging and emotionally draining to find exceptional care. It’s difficult to do it alone—and with our Client Services Managers, you won’t have to.

Family & Nursing Care provides clients with a dedicated Client Services Manager, who will be the primary point of contact for all your home care needs, both practical and emotional.

Your Client Services Manager (CSM):

  •  Has a high level of training to serve as a liaison to families, professionals, and clients every step of the way; we’ll stick by your side to make sure what needs to get done does.
  • Visits clients in the hospital and helps with a smooth transition home; it’s so nice to see a friendly face.
  • Makes personal visits in the comfort of your home; a cup of tea and a warm blanket go a long way.
  • Takes the time to listen and get to know you personally; by building a close relationship, the CSM better understands your specific situation.
  • Maintains ongoing communication with clients and their families, and any professionals involved to make sure we exceed your expectations.
  • Facilitates additional resources to guide you through the challenges you may face as your loved one’s needs change.
  •  Is ready to talk to you about schedule changes, concerns, compliments, questions…whatever you need.

“Amanda, my Client Services Manager, not only asked about my mom’s physical condition, but also about her personality, and her likes and dislikes. Amanda made me feel like my mom was a unique person, and not just a nameless, faceless client.”
– Lisa K., adult daughter

Long-Term Care Insurance

“Talking to Karin [Family & Nursing Care’s Long Term Care Insurance Manager] was a blessing. From the first conversation, I felt heard and taken care of. Karin is helping to make sure my long-term care benefits can be used to provide care for my wife.”

–Nathaniel W., client’s spouse

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Family & Nursing Care Select assists clients with getting their reimbursements from their Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI) carrier by submitting supportive claim documentation directly to a client’s LTCI company.

Our specialized support allows us to advocate on your behalf.

We believe it is our job to ease your mind and present solutions to your challenges—not cause you more paperwork and aggravation.

LTCI policies reimburse policyholders either a daily, weekly, or monthly maximum amount for home care to assist them with activities of daily living. Some policies will also have a benefit for home care if your loved one is diagnosed with a cognitive impairment, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. While private duty services from Caregivers from Family & Nursing Care (both Classic and Select options) are not eligible for reimbursement from Medicare, Medicaid, or general health insurance, most LTCI policies reimburse their policyholders for these private duty services.

Family & Nursing Care offers and recommends a conference call between the client, the LTCI company and a member of Family & Nursing Care Select’s Long-Term Care Insurance Team to support clients in getting a full understanding of the criteria, benefits, policy holder responsibilities, and next steps for a successful and smooth experience with the claims process. The client is responsible to pay the cost of any claims not covered by LTCI.

Invested in the Community: The Family & Nursing Care Foundation

Established in 2008 by Family & Nursing Care’s founder Sandy Kursban, the Family & Nursing Care Foundation is a fund of the Greater Washington Community Foundation that supports older adults in two very important ways: (1) Awarding grants to community partners to help lower-income older adults gain access to home care. (2) Providing scholarships for students to pursue a career as a Caregiver.


Family & Nursing Care believes that we all can contribute to protecting the environment through good stewardship practices. In order to be responsible stewards, the company has implemented initiatives and encourages all employees to take additional actions as they see fit.

In 2014, we were certified as a “green business” in Montgomery County, MD, and in 2015 we were accepted into the Maryland Green Business Registry, distinctions we continue to hold.

For more information on Family & Nursing Care’s caregiving services, call 800-588-0517 or email us.