Continuity of Care to Meet Client and Caregiver Needs

Alarm clock and flowersEvery client’s care needs are unique — starting with the amount of time per day or week they receive care. Care needs can range from a few short hours a day to 24/7, and Family & Nursing Care strives to provide access to the most affordable, consistent, and compassionate care for every client.

We often hear from clients and their loved ones that they appreciate having the fewest number of Caregivers providing care, but at the same time, clients often have home care needs that exceed 40 hours per week.

Caregivers who are Family & Nursing Care employees (Select) already typically earn on average $3 more per hour than what they would earn at other home care companies in our market. Even so Caregivers frequently tell us they’d like to work more than 40 hours a week at one job to have the opportunity to increase their income without having to work at multiple jobs. As a leader in the home care industry focused on attracting and retaining the very best Caregivers and exceeding client expectations for quality and continuity of care, we’ve found a way to meet the needs of both clients and Caregivers.

Family and Nursing Care Select does not limit Caregiver hours to 40 per week – and we don’t pass on overtime costs to clients. Instead, we absorb those costs internally.

With Family & Nursing Care Classic, because the Caregivers are independent contractors, we are able to refer Caregivers who typically earn a higher wage and will work longer hours for their clients without overtime rates being charged to the clients.

Whether working with Family & Nursing Care Classic or Family & Nursing Care Select, Caregivers are free to consistently work longer hours with the same clients, allowing caregivers to become experts in a particular client’s needs to provide them with superior care while at the same time earning more money. In addition, older adults benefit from having fewer Caregivers in and out of their home and more certainty in their days, which can improve their sleep schedule and reduce stress and anxiety.

Roderick and Sally French receive “Couple Care” from Family & Nursing Care Select. A Caregiver provides Roderick with meals and housekeeping during the day, while Sally receives 24/7 care.  Throughout the week, Sally’s round-the-clock needs are staffed by only three Caregivers. Roderick says that the continued affordability and consistency of care that Sally receives is an important aspect of her care that he doesn’t take for granted. “When an older person needs 24/7 care it’s critical to be comfortable with the Caregivers and have confidence in their abilities. Building that rapport with just a few trusted Caregivers becomes even more crucial over time as the care needs continue,” says Roderick. “We are grateful to Family & Nursing Care for being very cognizant of this need and for making a real effort to provide us with this affordable, consistent care.”

Family and Nursing Care is proud to help our clients age comfortably, and continuity of care is a big part of how we do it.

If you’re searching for a Caregiver who will treat your loved ones like one of their own, contact us today – we’d love to help ensure your family members receive the care they deserve, no matter how much care they need.