Rachel Sanford

Rachel earned a degree in Psychology and Health Sciences from Salisbury University in 2008 and thereafter, decided to pursue a second degree in Nursing. She graduated from Anne Arundel Community College’s Nursing program and became a Registered Nurse in 2014. Rachel began her nursing career at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore where she grew in her skills, knowledge, and expertise while working on an Adult Cardiac Intermediate Care Unit.

Rachel joined Family and Nursing Care in July 2022 as a Supervisory Nurse. Her experience from the acute care setting has helped her anticipate and recognize clients specific needs regarding home care. She has a heart for service and a dedication to helping clients and their loved ones navigate new and challenging circumstances surrounding their health.

Outside of work, Rachel enjoys spending time with her family and friends, being outdoors when the weather is “just right,” and snuggling up with a great book.

Elnaz Safavieh

Elnaz is a customer-service oriented leader whose desire to meld her talent for working with people with deeply fulfilling and meaningful work led her to Family & Nursing Care. Prior to joining Family & Nursing Care, Elnaz worked in customer service and management in the banking industry. She has now coupled those skills with her innate ability to connect with Caregivers and help them from day one to navigate their work with Family & Nursing Care.

Elnaz previously held the positions of Caregiver Recruiter and then HR Manager, Select, before being promoted to her current role as Director, Caregiver Services. In her role, Elnaz loves leading the onboarding process for new Caregivers as well as getting the opportunity talk with Caregivers and establish herself as a resource they can always come to with questions or issues.

Elnaz was born in Iran, but has lived in Maryland since early childhood. In her free time, she loves to spend time reading and traveling, and she adores being an aunt to her niece and nephew.

Pam Barrett

Pam has been with Family & Nursing Care since 2017. She has held various roles within the company, including Recruiting Coordinator, Care Coordinating Manager, and Caregiver Recruiting Manager, before being promoted to Director, Caregiver Recruiting. Pam previously pursued a degree in Nursing before changing her focus to a new passion, Health Services Management. Before joining the company, she worked at a local skilled nursing facility where she would refer clients to Family & Nursing Care, which is how she first learned about the company.

Pam understands that caregiving isn’t easy and has the utmost respect for Caregivers and their selfless acts of kindness with clients. She came to love recruiting, and wants to continue looking for the best Caregivers for Family & Nursing Care. She enjoys meeting and interacting with all the different candidates along the process.

Outside of work, Pam likes watching movies, going to the park with her son, and spending time with family.

Natalie Blickman

Natalie has been with Family & Nursing Care since 2017. She has held various roles within the company, including Front Desk Associate, Client Services Manager, and Assistant Director, Client Services, before being promoted to Director, Client Services. She has always had a desire to help those in need. She especially loves getting to know clients and hearing their unique stories.

She enjoys helping families figure out how to best support their loved ones. From personal experience, she knows that it can be challenging to figure out what’s best and wants to be there to support her clients and their families every step of the way.

Outside of work, Natalie enjoys spending time with family & friends, being outdoors, traveling, and live music.

Amanda Williams

As Director of Care Coordinating, Classic, Amanda loves that she gets the opportunity to connect with different people within the homecare industry and see different perspectives on various issues. She has always held an interest in helping others and has always had a respect for older adults and those who act as caregivers. After being the sole caregiver for her mother, she feels that her life has come full circle, working for an organization that prides itself on its caregivers and the population they support. Since joining the company, Amanda has held a number of roles within the organization, including Nights and Weekends Coordinator, Care Coordinating Manager Associate, Care Coordinating Manager, and Assistant Director of Care Coordinating, Select.

When not working, Amanda enjoys going to the beach, playing with her dog, Diamond, decorating her home, and painting.

Kelly Ann Sharp

Kelly Ann has loved the aging population since her grandmother lived with her as a child, and continued to develop when she interned at an assisted living facility in college. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Sciences and Minor in Gerontology from York College of Pennsylvania and joined Family & Nursing Care in 2013. Kelly Ann has always been driven to helping those in need and enjoys working with people in this capacity. In her current role, she appreciates that she gets to help families find the best care for their loved one and assist them in navigating through challenging situations.

Outside of work, Kelly Ann enjoys spending time with her family and friends by staying active, attending sporting events and comedy shows, and traveling.

Jeff Briggs

Jeff’s love for helping people led him to where he is today. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Theology from Southeastern University and his Master’s of Theological Studies from Wesley Theological Seminary. He worked in the education field before joining Family & Nursing Care in 2015. Since joining the company, Jeff has worked in the Intake department and as a Client Services Manager, allowing him to learn the importance of compassion and empathy, especially for those facing challenging situations.

Jeff’s favorite part of working at Family & Nursing Care is helping families make difficult decisions and helping them navigate home care support. He finds it rewarding to be able to help them through crisis situations, finding additional support from caregivers. He appreciates the role caregivers have and how they contribute to the overall well-being of the older adult population.

Outside of work, Jeff enjoys spending time with family, traveling and visiting new countries, hiking, cooking, and eating delicious food.

Allison Bates

Allison joined Family & Nursing Care in 2006 and worked her way up through the coordinating department to her current role, where she oversees all Select Care Coordinating Managers. Allison has a caring spirit and enjoys the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of older adults through her role and in tandem with her colleagues, who she finds to be “some of the sweetest and compassionate folks in this business.” She believes strongly that Care Comes Full Circle and that it is amazing for her to be able to give back to those who have sacrificed their entire lives to ensure the current generation’s success

In her spare time, Allison stays as active as possible. She enjoys nature and being with family, goes for long walks in nature preserves, and rides her bicycle on trails. She also loves adventure and learning about different cultures, so she travels internationally as much as possible.

Amanda Angst

As Director of Finance, Amanda loves that she gets to work with numbers every day. She enjoys analyzing data, creating spreadsheets, setting budgets, and assisting in financial company projections. She also enjoys interacting with clients, caregivers, and colleagues.

Before joining Family & Nursing Care in 2017, Amanda lived in many different places, from California to England, while her husband was in the military and was able to provide in-home daycare for other military families. She was also the Fleet & Family Support President for 2.5 years, supporting families when their loved one was deployed.

In her spare time, Amanda spends a lot of time with her family. She enjoys camping, hiking, biking, arts & crafts, and volunteering with her kids’ schools and sports programs.